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Texas Abate Confederation, Inc. is a motorcycle rights organization that is dedicated to freedom of the road for all motorcyclists, promotes rider education for all motorcycle riders, motorcycle awareness for all automobile drivers, and fights discriminatory legislation aimed towards the motorcycling community.  ABATE provides information regarding the legislative issues facing motorcyclists, coming events and links to the ABATE Chapters throughout the State of Texas and links to other.

To join Texas ABATE, contact their membership office at membership@texasabate.com.


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The first memorial sign placed by the TX DOT under HB2469.  This is a bill that was enacted to recognize those that had fallen viticm to motorcycle accidents.  It's also known as the Mike Grove Motorcycle Fatality Awareness Act.



For details you can check out this website:

Ride Safe in Texas

How to obtain a proclamation for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month for May

1. Start by calling City Hall and ask to speak to the City Secretary, or get their email address.

2. Ask him/her to ask the Mayor if he/she would be willing to sign a proclamation for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness for the month of May, and also ask if it can be presented to your organization at a City Council Meeting.

3. Explain the purpose of the Mayor signing a proclamation: It is to get the word out to the public to watch out for motorcycles and for everyone to be aware that we are out there. Also, we are trying to get media coverage of the Mayor supporting Motorcycle Safety and Awareness; it will reach many citizens and increase driver awareness throughout their city. If you find that you absolutely cannot set up a City Council meeting for your proclamation, then ask if they would be willing to set up a meeting with the Mayor to get the proclamation and to take pictures with the Mayor presenting the proclamation to your organization members.

4. If the Mayor cannot or will not do this, then just ask if the City Secretary or anyone else can present the proclamation, and are willing to have their picture taken with your organization members.

5. Make sure they know this is for your organization, and if they tell you someone has already gotten a proclamation, then just ask if the Mayor would be willing to do another proclamation for your organization. Most Mayors are more than happy to do the proclamations, but you will run into some that will not do it and that is okay, just be nice and tell them thanks for their time.

6. If they do not have a copy of the Proclamation format, you can email them a copy. And make sure to tell them if they want to change up the wording some, it will be okay. We have found out in the past that some cities like to put their own wording in the proclamations, and a lot of the time their wording is better. Most cities have emails, but you might run across one that does not. You can print out the Proclamation and either mail it to them or take it to them, whatever way works the best for you and them.

7. Let us know the meeting date and times, so we can let everyone else know. We hope that other riders can be there to help support you and your organization. Some of the meetings will be on the local PBS channels and viewed by many non-riders in your community. (Another way to get the word out.)

8. Remember to take a camera and take pictures. Call your local newspaper and try and get them there for the meeting, since May is recognized as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness month across the United States, not just here in Texas. Most papers are more than willing to be there to get the story.

9. Make sure you have good information to give to the newspaper about Motorcycle Safety & Awareness, and also include what your organization is and what we do for the community.

10. If the newspaper does not do an article, you can send in your own. Remember you can send "letters to the editor." Let us know if you need help in writing your letter.

11. Remember to get extra copies of the newspaper article when it comes out. We all love to see them.

Texas ABATE Newsletter Editor Kaye "Stormy" Elliott

From the editor: Good to see everyone has really stepped it up on this year’s Proclamations…GOOD JOB done by all! Also it was announced at State mtg in Jan that many members have already earned their Freedom Fighter Patch, some have even earned their Star. Can’t wait to get em on our vests! But we really have just scratched the surface. There are several things to keep your eyes on over the next 2 yrs till next Legislative Day. This is a year-round endeavor. These organizations and people VOLUNTEER a large part of their time and energy to keep you riding free. So if you can’t be there in person maybe you can send a donation, cash and door prizes for the various fundraisers we have can go a long way to keep us fighting for you too. We need sponsors! If you own a business & you are reading this, so are other people. Advertise with us! Newsletter is also available online at our website www.abatetexoma.com. This newsletter can’t happen without our sponsors. You can also email me at stormyslairabate@yahoo.com. Our success is dependent on membership and meeting attendance. Come check us out! 

Next State Board Meeting

Saturday July 13, 2013 @ Port Arthur Golden Triangle ABATE.

Location TBA just check TexasABATE.com for further details or ...



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Stormy (903) 271-7891

Texas ABATE Newsletter Editor

Texoma ABATE Newsletter Editor

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Texas ABATE Asst. Coordinator

There were a few of us that showed up for the COC meeting last month. If you did not go you missed a very moving moment. No one can ever say a biker does not have a heart. To stand there and watch the bikers come to the front with a donation for Special Olympics was indeed something. It was mentioned that Gomez has a child with special needs, and since Gomez has passed the Denton Bandito’s wanted to do something to help kids with special needs, so they challenged all the other clubs to donate one hundred dollars to Special Olympics. It was a site to see all that came and gave. I know Gomez was smiling from heaven. RIP brother.

Those of you who are working on getting the Freedom Fighter patch, I have a list of all the cities ABATE and everyone else is trying to get. If you want to help or go to some of the City Council meetings please contact me, or go to Suds n Butterfly website and look at the list there, times and dates will be listed for each city and who is doing them. If you have any questions please contact me at 214-399-8353. Or email me at wildthangconnie@aol.com . Try and go to at least one City Council meeting no two are ever the same. To see all the different clubs and organizations working together for the better of all bikers is awesome. You will meet a great group of bikers. So help us in getting the word out, to help keep all bikers safer.

Remember the Mid-South Mile is in October and Texas needs lots of donations for the basket. Items can be anything Texas related. Let’s show all the other states that Texas is bigger and better, we do it loud and proud in Texas. So get with your Coordinator and give him/her your donations. Also for those of you who do not know Louisiana has ask to join the other five states in the Mile.

NCOM will be in a few weeks, May 13th -15th this year. It is being held in Reno, NV. I was informed that next year it will be in Dallas, Texas. So if you have never been to NCOM because it has always been in other states, then next year is your chance to go, It will be in our back yard. So make you plans, it is always Mother day weekend in May.

One last thing, a judge overturned an arrest recently and now it is universal. It seems that in 1860 it was decided and uniformly approved that this was the sign of disapproval. So giving the finger is a signal of disapproval. Does not mean you may not get a ticket or go to jail still, just that it has been decided and uniformly approved as the universal sign of disapproval.