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Coalition of Independent Riders 


One person, whispering alone in the forest, makes very little noise. An army, a legion of men and women, standing in the forest raising their voices in united cacophony, can be heard across the nation. 

The Coalition of Independent Riders is not a membership funded organization. It is not a motorcycle club or riding club. It is a grass roots political organization which is “of the people, by the people and for the people.” C.O.I.R. unites independent riders with all other motorcycle organizations to become a battalion of voices which will be heard all the way to The People’s House in Austin, Texas, our State Capitol.


Independent riders registered with C.O.I.R. are from all walks of life. We welcome cruisers, sport bikes, dirt bike riders, back seat riders and even non-riders. We are defined by our love of riding and united by our passion to protect our constitutional right to ride free.


I personally wish to welcome you and your independent friends to register with Texas C.O.I.R., attend a training session or meeting, join our C.O.I.R. mailing list, participate in the Call To Actions and become an active participant in our legislative work.


I ask each of you to step up and add your voice to our family of Freedom Fighters. One heart, one voice, joined together in a quest to defend our freedom.



Tonya Gonzales,

Texas C.O.I.R. State Commander


The COIR in the community!
Signing up new registrants! Proclamation Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to belong to a motorcycle club or riding association to be a part of the C.O.I.R.?
A. No, the C.O.I.R. is not an organization but an affiliation of independent motorcyclists who are prepared to do their part in helping to keep motorcycling a true American expression of freedom.

Q. Is the C.O.I.R. a motorcycle rights organization or MRO?
A. No, the C.O.I.R. is not a MRO or a member "funded" type organization. However, some MRO's play a very important role in helping to identify and design the "Fight for our Rights" type campaigns that the C.O.I.R. support with manpower.

Q. What is a "Call-to-Action?"
A. When a MRO or a "rights" association needs support to help implement approved grass roots strategies such as letter writing to legislators, the C.O.I.R. will be called upon to assist with the manpower to help implement the "Action." The C.O.I.R., working in concert with M/Cs and riding associations and local offices of Emergency Management is also prepared to offer post disaster assistance to needy families and individuals if called upon to do so.

Q. Who are the US Defenders?
A. US Defenders are men and women from the Confederation of Clubs and the C.O.I.R. who volunteer to represent their different clubs and groups. The US Defenders receive training in grass roots strategies and then take that training back to their clubs and groups. Find out more about these dedicated men and women by attending a regional COC or NCOM meeting in your area.

Q. How does the Confederation of Clubs (COC) or the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) and the Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.) work together?
A. NCOM is the parent organization of all Regional COC's and COM's and working together with the CO.I.R. We can make a difference!

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