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Region 3 - Houston

Houston Regional TX COC&I Officers

 Chairman  - Outcasts MC Cass

Vice Chairman  - Soldiers for Jesus - John

Secretary/Information  Liaison Officer  – Lost Inc MC - Loop

Treasurer  – Sisters Eternal WMC - Rave

Sergeant at Arms  – Los Muertos Halfbreed

Interim Sergeant at Arms – TBD

Webmaster - Eastsiders MC –  One Eyed Jack 

Information Liaison Officer – Lost Inc MC - Loop

Sport Bike Liaison - W,N,& NW Regions  – Mascareros MC Doug

Sport bike liaison - S,SW & E Regions - Strong Arm MC - Joker

Chaplain – Soldier for Jesus MC - John Bridgeman 

Houston Regional C.O.I.R Officers

C.O.I.R. Unit Commander - Meltdown

Lieutenant Commander - "Schnauzer"

Lieutenant Commander - Brian Sims

Houston Regional Safety & Awareness Team

Safety and Awareness Coordinator - Steel Heels WMC - Sweet Mocha  

Share the Road Outpost

Outpost Coordinator  - Leathernecks MC - Popeye

Outpost Coordinator  - Dustpans MC - Trip

Proclamation Outpost

Outpost Coordinator - JLBB Joan - joan@jlbb.org

Outpost Coordinator - Sisters Eternal – Stargazer

Houston US Defenders Regional Officers

Commander - Midnight Star MC - "Bad News"

Lieutenant Commander - Busa MC  - Busa Boy