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Political Service Announcement - Texas US Defenders Alert! February 20, 2014  

Don't miss your chance to make a difference:

As all of you know the election season is upon us here in Texas. This next month is the most critical time in having a voice from a political perspective, starting with our own state. 

We are asking that each US Defender in the State participate in the upcoming primaries. We urge you all to get your friends and family to participate as well and let them know who we are endorsing. These endorsements are for participants that have shown a willingness to work with the motorcycle riding community and have helped us solve many issues statewide.

If we all vote, we can get these contenders elected, and show our political strength as a community!

Early voting runs through February 28th with the primary elections being conducted on March 4th.  


Who we are endorsing:

Lt. Governor:  Jerry Patterson

US Senator:  Dwayne Stoval

Comptroller:  Raul Torres

District 23 State Representative (Galveston Area):  Wayne Faircloth

District 76 State Representative (El Paso):  Norma Chavez

District 148 Judge Nueces County:  Mark A. Gonzalez 


 Click here for Texas voting information.




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