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Region 7 - San Antonio

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San Antonio Region COC&I Officers

Chairman - Sovereign Sons MC – "Billy the Kid (BTK)” btk@ssmcus.com

Vice Chairman - Phantoms MC – “Johnnie Fever” el_mc_prez@yahoo.com

Secretary - Stompers MC - "Wati" cocir7@gmail.com

Treasurer - Sovereign Sons MC - "Jax" joseph_slason@yahoo.com

Sergeant at Arms - The Fallen MM - "Beast" wbmobley@gmail.com

Chaplain - Sovereign Sons MC – "BTK" btk@ssmcus.com


San Antonio Region C.O.I.R. Officers

Unit Commander - "Todd" coirregion7sa@gmai.com

San Antonio Regional Safety & Awareness  Team

 Mike Friederich (Independent) - Ranger185a@gmail.com

Guardians of The Children - "Jarhead" Rich.bauerle@gmail.com


San Antonio Region Texas Defenders Officers

Commander – Mystical Riders MC – “Lobo” mr.lobochris@gmail.com

 Lt Commander - VACANT