Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents
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State Officers


Confederation of Clubs & Independents - Officers


US Defenders - State Chairmans

US Defenders - State Commanders
US Defenders State Commander Sons of the South MC "Dozer" sots.dozer@gmail.com
State Lieutenant Commander  (for Regions 1, 7) TBD
State Lieutenant Commander  (for Regions 2, 9) Mel "Butch" Moss gunbarreltx@gmail.com
State Lieutenant Commander  (8, 10) Calaveras MC Jeffrey "Dos Chuchillos" Churchill  jeffrey.d.churchill.civ@mail.mil
State Lieutenant Commander  (3, 4) Midnight Star MC Bad News badnewsstar@yahoo.com
State Lieutenant Commander (5, 6, 11, 12) TBD usdefenders_region6@yahoo.com
US Defenders - Regional Commanders
Region 1 - Central Texas
Unit Commander Renatus MC "Big Jim"


Region 2 – DFW
Unit Commander Mel "Butch" Moss gunbarreltx@gmail.com
Eastside Commander   "Suds" sudsfxstc@aol.com
Westside Commander Gene Long genelong44@gmail.com
Region 3 - Houston
Unit Commander Midnight Star MC "Bad News" badnewsstar@yahoo.com
Lieutenant Commander Busa MC  Busa Boy busaboy@yahoo.com
 Region 4 – Beaumont
Unit Commander Archangels "Duct Tape" ducttape@gt.rr.com

Region 5 - West Texas

Unit Commander Iron Horse MC Preacher


Lieutenant Commander  Los Gavilleros MC "Chin Check" region5defenders@gmail.com
Lieutenant Commander  Roughstock MC "Putt-Putt" region5defenders@gmail.com
 Region 6 - El Paso
Unit Commander TBD usdefenders_region6@yahoo.com
 Region 7 - San Antonio
Unit Commander Sovereign Sons MC "Bam Bam" solmcbambam@gmail.com
Lieutenant Commander Amigos MC - Probationary "Superfly" willislockk@yhoo.com
Lieutenant Commander Soldiers for Jesus MC "Billy the Kid" sfjbilly@gmail.com
Lieutenant Commander Amigos MC "Joker" jmitchell19800@gmail.com
Region 8 - Corpus Christi
Unit Commander 

Leathernecks MC



Lieutenant Commander Mestizos MC Gilbert
Region 9 - Tyler Northeast
Unit Commander Paul "Pit Bull" Stenzel psten17148@aol.com
Region 10 - Rio Grande Valley
Unit Commander Los Escondidos MC Pat "Wild Thing" Burchfield p_smalls13@yahoo.com
Lieutenant Commander

Leathernecks MC 

Pink No Contact
Region 11 - Pan Handle 
Unit Commander Street Mob MC Chris cf9350flanagan@gmail.com
Lieutenant Commander Los Carnales MC Fuse fuserendon2011@gmail.com
Region 12 - Big Bend 
Unit Commander La Familia MC "Rowdy" rolramirez1962@gmail.com

Texas  C.O.I.R.

State Commander   Tonya "Lady T" Gonzales tmgonzo@gmail.com
State Lieutenant Commander Robin "Queen Vicius" Warfield robin_warfield@yahoo.com
COIR Region 1 - Austin
Austin Area Unit Commander Richard "Woody" Wells rwells15k@gmail.com
Waco Area Outpost Unit Commander  "Reddog" reddog.woods@gmail.com
COIR Region 2 - DFW
Unit Commander Jimbo ghost@aircanopy.net
Lieutenant Commander - Eastside Robin "Queen Vicius" Warfield robin_warfield@yahoo.com

COIR Region 3 - Houston West

Unit Commander - Galveston Island "Meltdown"  sam.e.edwards@gmail.com
Lieutenant Commander "Schnauzer" 2bar0@consolidated.net
COIR Region 4 - Beaumont
Unit Commander "Bill da Drill" billthedrill@live.com
Lieutenant Commander "Gracie" misspearl123@outlook.com
COIR Region 5 - West Texas
COIR Region 6 -El Paso
COIR Region 7 -San Antonio
Unit Commander "Rainman" meinhardtray@yahoo.com
Lieutenant Commander Phillip Gross
 COIR Region 8 - Corpus Christi
Unit Commander Tonya Gonzales tmgonzo@gmail.com
Lieutenant Commander Chere "FlipFlop" Laine ChereLaine@ymail.com

COIR Region 9 - Tyler Northeast

COIR Region 10 - Rio Grande
COIR Region 11 - Pan Handle
Unit Commander Jamie Zen jenna.jamiezen@gmail.com
COIR Region 12 - Pan Handle


Communications Team

Webmaster/Editor Blackett Arms MC Mustang 


US Defenders Webmaster & UCOW Webmaster Sons of the South MC Soctt "C-Note" Kerr sots.cnote@gmail.com