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Region 2 - DFW

Update January 28, 2015

Hope all is well, I want to start by thanking all that attended the recent January COC meeting we had in Region 2, and it was a great turnout. Diamond Jim’s as always is a great host. We had great speakers and covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. 

I just returned from the COC held in Region 1 in Austin and attended Legislative Day and the Capitol Run as well.  It was great to see the turnout there, the capitol was flooded with bikers from all over Texas and I suggest if you have never been there, please plan to attend next year.  It was great to meet the representatives from the different districts and it was truly inspirational to gain more insight into how our legislative branches work. The Austin team did a fantastic job organizing and moving the event forward. Our own Commander of US Defender for Region 2, Mel (Butch) Moss played a huge roll in the event as well.  


I want to take this opportunity to update you on our officers and changes:

First, we have a new Secretary Treasurer of the COC who is FHMC Heavyweight. A very attentive and articulate individual, he has served the COC in other capacities and really cares about the organization and its direction.

We have a new Chaplin, Big Dog with Solders for Jesus, he is a big hearted gentleman whom I have had experience with in the past, I attended one of his meetings with his fellow brothers and Christians and was inspired as to the roads they travel.  Hospital visits, prison ministry, etc., great man and group of guys.

We have a new Commander of the US Defenders for our region and his name is Mel (Butch) Moss, whom you will get to know for sure. Mel and the Sons of Liberty Riders RC research and distribute tons of important information and have quickly become vital to our success as an organization.  They are responsible for the video link above. Mel and his brothers are great guys and they always put forth a great effort.

Thankfully, we still have Suds representing COIR and Butterfly handling the Safety and Awareness Program.  These two work hard for you, the COC and all the clubs in the DFW area. They both are always involved in events or activities in the area. They have an open door policy and are always making themselves available to all.  

Little Jerry is still the West Side Commander and Iron Mike is representing the East side, both of which do a great job. They have both served a long time and are very knowledgeable of the organization and the mission.

Pac Man is our SA for the organization and I commend him on his “Can do” approach and his “failure is not an option” attitude. Love the Patriot in him.

I also want to recognize and thank Bandido Todd for his continued unwavering support and input.

I am happy to have them all on a team representing Region 2.  This is a great crew of assembled individuals that voluntarily work hard for our region and are tireless in their efforts so when you see them thank them personally for what they do. I am sure they would appreciate hearing it.

On another note, I want all to know that our home base for the COC Meetings is at Diamond Jims, but my goal is to occasionally move the meeting to various venues that have adequate space.

That being stated, I am announcing that the next TCOC&I meeting for Region 2 will be held at the Scorpions MC Clubhouse on March 15, 2015, in Dallas.  Please note this and all are welcome.   Food and drink will be available for purchase.


                  Scorpions MC Clubhouse

                  3905 East Side Ave

                  Dallas, Texas 75226

I want to remind everyone that we are continuing to collect the COC Donations for 2015 and the Get Ur Done Rally 2015.  Please bring your chapter donations to next meeting; we want to have everyone current as soon as possible.

Also, we want to update your chapter contact information and US Defender information appointees’ information, we will be working the tables and signups will be handled prior to meeting. Get there early.  Remember the TCOC&I is your organization and your participation is important.

Love and respect to all,

Willie – Forsaken Horsemen MC

Chairman TCOC&I – Region 2