Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents
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Region 10 - Rio Grande Valley

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Rio Grande Valley Regional COC&I Officers

Vice Chairman - Villistas Poncho - ag@foremostpaving.com

Secretary - Heavenly Sins Halo -  Halohsinsmc@yahoo.com

Treasurer - Dragonslayer Eddie - eanzaldua507@hotmail.com

Chaplain - Circuit Rider Don - lightontheborder@yahoo.com

Sergeant at Arms – Hermanos Unidos - Tiny - No Contact

Assistant Legislative Liaison - Gypsy MC - James Simerly - jamessimerly@gmail.com

Rio Grande Valley Regional C.O.I.R. Defenders Officers

Leathernecks MC - Rubie “Pink” Sweet - rubietooshy@live.com

Rio Grande Valley Regional US Defenders Officers

Uniy Commander - Los Escondidos MC - Pat "Wild Thing" Burchfield - pburchfield@gpz.org

Lieutenant Commander - Leathernecks MC - Pink - No Contact