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Bikers Give their time and manpower to Oklahoma Victims!

US Defenders & C.O.I.R. - "We are an Army of one for all and all for one America."  Dr. Jim, National Commander, C.O.I.R. 
Defenders and C.O.I.R. Respond to the Call to Action 

The US Defenders and C.O.I.R. had a CTA for Oklahoma Disaster relief on May 21, 2013 the day after the tornadoes hit Moore and Shawnee. The US Defenders and C.O.I.R. have been serving the public during this disaster since May 22, 2013. Due to obstacles like local bureaucracy not being prepared for the problem, they were unable to get clearance to set up relief efforts in the Moore area and so spoke to Harley Davidson World in OKC who agreed to let the use of their parking lot for collecting and distributing donations.

Getting the Word Out

In the process of getting the word out, Facebook and other social media was utilized to get word out for the supplies needed. The response by the biker community and the social media followers was  tremendous. In spite of a second storm that destroyed the distribution center the US Defenders and C.O.I.R  were up and running again a in a few hours.

Boots on the Ground

While Fema, Red Cross, and other organizations serviced the community, they could only do so much. The community still needed more.  That is where the US Defenders and C.O.I.R stepped it up even further!

The first challenge was a stable command post.  Dr. Jim, National Commander for the C.O.I.R., managed to get a Tractor Supply to donate an extra Heavy Duty 12 x 20 portable garage. With the help of volunteers the crew set it up and started stock piling supplies for distribution. Getting donations from other individuals and organization like Porta-Potties, Showers, cooking equipment, ice chests, tents, cots, food, clothing, and toiletries came in shortly after. Since the bug out to Shawnee area, the US Defenders and C.O.I.R. has grown this location into a center for relief efforts serving around 1000 meals a day for both volunteers and victims!   They have developed relationships with the Pottawatomie County Sheriffs who stand guard at the command post each night..

Lt. Governor leans on the Defenders & C.O.I.R. for Help

The Red Cross announced they will no longer be bringing food to the distribution center.  Lt. Governor Todd Lamb announced that he would like the US Defenders and C.O.I.R. to stay at the location until everything is done.

The volunteers have been working off of roughly $400 dollars’ worth of donations to put gas in trucks in order to move supplies.  The volunteers have donated their time to serve the community without recompense. This is what the US Defenders and C.O.I.R. community is about.  True grass roots outreach.  The team is doing what it says it will do, not just saying what it does.  "We are testing the fabric of who we are and finding out who is with us and who is not. I am truly proud to be part of this monumental effort and all it is doing to build our name recognition as we rebuild our community,” Dr. Jim states with passion.

Notes from Dr. Jim:

"Today I am proud to say I am a biker, I love our country, I support our community, and I will not stop until our mission is finished. I challenge everyone to be aware of the opportunities to step up and be seen. To step out of your comfort zone and take the bull by the horns. To be proud of who you are and what you represent - the motorcycle community either independent and club. We are an Army of one for all and all for one America."