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2016 Elections - Ride to Vote!

Dates of Interest

Important Election Dates 2016


The Primary Election will take place on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. The last day one can register to vote for this election is February 1. Early Voting takes place from February 16 – February 26. Photo ID is currently required for voting in person. To learn more about photo ID, check out the FAQs.

2016 Travis and Williamson County Candidate Information

We are continuing to look at who is running, what they claim to stand for, and provide bits and pieces to help you make an informed decision when voting.  We will also continue to try and catch these candidates at events and in their offices so we can ask more questions such as, where they stand on profiling, Law Enforecement accountability, etc.  

Williamson County

District Attorney

Republican incumbent Jana DutyVery Law and Order

  • Proud of Conviction Rate (98%)
    Claims to be advocate for Families and Safety
    Prosecuted mostly crimes against women in San Antonio as ADA
    Interned with US Justice Department in Appellate Division

Republican Shawn Dick

  • Wants to “restore faith and professionalism in the Office”
    Endorsed by two previous DA’s
    2004, he was selected by the Texas Gang Investigator’s Association as “Prosecutor of the Year”


Republican Robert Chody (Supported by DA Jana Duty)

  • United States Army veteran
    Former Texas Department of Criminal Justice Corrections Officer
    Former Austin Police Officer
    Endorsed by Multiple law enforcement and public safety agencies

Republican Mike Cowie

  • 31 DPS Trooper in Narcotics
    Williamson County Lt. for 8 years

Republican Bill Kelberlau

  • 30 Year Retired Navy Officer (Captain)
    Running on his management experience
    Very little law enforcement experience

Republican Tony Trumps

  • On Ballot, but actively supporting Robert Chody

Republican Randy Elliston

  • Former Chief of Texas DPS Highway Patrol
    Wants well trained and community, service minded officers

Travis County

District Attorney

Democrat Gary Cobb, Current Deputy DA

  • Travis County DA’s Office for 20 + years
    Director of the DA’s Grand Jury/Intake Division

Rick Reed, Former Deputy DA

  • Long Time Defense Attorney
    Believes Office needs integrity restores / too many scandal. Integrity problems


Democrat Sally Hernandez

  • Favors Getting rid of ICE Holds on Illegal Immigrants
    Wants stronger community partnerships
    Restore faith in Department

Democrat and Lakeway Police Chief Todd Radford

  •  Favors Getting rid of ICE Holds on Illegal Immigrants
    With Travis County for years, then Teaching at A&M, with Lakeway a few years
    Wants Officers accountable and in favor of Body Cameras

Democrat and Union leader and sheriff’s special operations Sgt. Don Rios

  • Favors Getting rid of ICE Holds on Illegal Immigrants
    Wants to increase diversity and be first Hispanic Sheriff

Democrat John Sisson, Former Sheriff Deputy

  • Favors Getting rid of ICE Holds on Illegal Immigrants
    Wants Sheriff’s office to show more compassion
    Wants more diversity, to be first openly gay Sheriff